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      Competitive and Independent  •We are tied to YOU, not the company •We give you CHOICES when it comes to insurance companies and products •We will shop your insurance to other companies so you don’t have to   READ MORE >>

  There is a difference between just talking about disasters and living through one. On May 11, 1970, Lubbock Texas was struck by a large tornado.  This tornado ravaged the downtown area and caused many deaths.   At that time, our agency's address was 811 Ave M. READ MORE >>

There are many types of Homeowners insurance policies to choose from.  Therefore, it is important that you review your policy to make sure that the policy will respond appropriately in the event of a disaster. Here are 3 areas of the Homeowners policy that you should review annually. READ MORE >>

Our agency insures many businesses of all sizes.  When working with new clients, we are often surprised to find that many businesses are not fully educated about some very important coverage and risk management techniques that could be critical to their operation. READ MORE >>

  What Liability Limits do you carry on your Personal Auto Policy?    What about your Umbrella Policy Limits?  Do you have an Umbrella Policy?  What is an Umbrella Policy?   These questions are not sales questions, these are financial questions. READ MORE >>

This is a question we ask all of our private school clients.   The answer to this question will determine if a school can survive a disaster regardless of the insurance coverage.  Insurance is a financial component to help protect a school. READ MORE >>

According to an article in The Daily Mail, being distracted by heightened emotions can increase your chances of an auto accident by almost 10 times.  These emotions can be in the form of anger, sadness, agitation or openly crying. Previously,  these kinds of statistics were overlooked. READ MORE >>

Having a good safety program for you church does not have to be costly, however, failing to have one could cost Everything! Here are 5 Simple Tips that every church can take that will help protect their church but not affect the budget. READ MORE >>

Distracted Drivers- A Problem for Everyone! Recently, I witnessed and accident at an intersection where one pick-up t-boned another.  Luckily, no one was seriously injured, but the driver who ran the red light said that all he did was "look down at something" and when he looked up, the light was red and it was too late to stop. READ MORE >>

New Year, New Budget: 5 Ways to Improve Your Financial Health The beginning of a new year is often a time to reflect on your goals and measure the progress that you have made towards achieving them over the past year. Personally, I like to use New Year’s as a time to refocus my finances. READ MORE >>

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