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The Shropshire Agency Inc. was established in 1953 by John Shropshire Sr. and is currently 100% owned and operated by John Shropshire Jr. (CEO) and Jeff Shropshire (President).

We are a Texas based independent agency serving clients in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, Lousiana, Arizona and Ohio.  Our agency “Packs the Punch” of  a national broker in terms of products and services. We represent A rated (AMBest) Regional and National Insurance Carriers and provide extensive proactive risk management training for our clients.

Established | Forward Thinking | Risk & Strategic Partner

Client Centered
  • Established -As the world around us changes, our core values, which have been in place for over 65 years, are as solid as they were when this agency started in 1935.  Our reputation with our clients, our community and our insurance carrier partners are based on trust and reliability. Since 1935 many things have changes, but our commitment to serving our community and protecting our clients is our passion. 
  • Forward Thinking -To remain a relevant agency for over 65 years we have to be on our toes and seek out current trends, exposures and risk.  Our job is to protect the dreams you have worked so hard to build; Whether that dream is owning you own home/auto or building a prosperous business. Let’s face it, a lot in our world has changed in the last five years and it will continue to change.  A policy that was built for you 5 years ago is not reflective of the policy you need now.  You need a “forward thinker” that can help you protect everything you have worked so hard to achieve.  There are many new threats and risks to our everyday world, some are insurable, some are not, regardless, it is our passion to help individuals and businesses protect and enhance their livelihood and dreams. 
  • Strategic Partner -A strategic partner is focused on the success and profitability of another business or individual.  This describes the relationship we strive to have with you,  our client.  Our value as a partner, is to help evaluate expenditures, exposures, risks, and threats that can negatively impact the profitability of your company or household.  Then we offer solutions, tools, resources, and insurance to protect your bottom line.  

We strive to be a leader in the insurance industry, our philosophy follows suit; only providing insurance at affordable premiums is not enough.  We continually work with our clients to guarantee that all dollars and time invested in training, compliance, human resources, and insurance expenditures contributes to the increased profitability of our clients.

The Shropshire Agency is a proud member of Combined Agents of America, LLC

THE SHROPSHIRE AGENCY, INC., Insurance Services, Lubbock, TX
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