3 Tips for Preventing Sexual Harassment at the Work Place

February 12, 2018
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Sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood continue to drive the media headlines. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Sexual Harassment prevention is and should be a priority for any business, school or church.

We recommend 3 Steps in making sure your organization is taking steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in your work place.

Step 1. Review your current internal policies and procedures

Every business needs to have an anti-harassment statement. This statement is usually found in the Employee Manual or may be a separate form. It defines what sexual harassment is and gives information to employees on how to report such allegations and the steps the business will take to investigate the allegation. Most importantly, it states that sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

Step 2. Continual supervisor or department Head training

Supervisors are your front-line defense in preventing sexual abuse claims. Supervisors need to be trained regularly on how to identify potential problems and how to properly respond should an allegation be made. The response is crucial in these situations and if handled inappropriately can be costly to the business.

Step 3. Evaluate your employment practices liability policy (coverage)

We recommend that every business has employment practices coverage. This coverage is either added to a package policy (you would see a separate limit for employment practices liability) or it will be a stand-alone policy.

Regardless, this coverage is not written on a standardized form, therefore each company’s version of this coverage could be different. It is extremely important to evaluate this coverage with an insurance professional to make sure your policy will respond to an allegation appropriately.

Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace requires a proactive mindset from management. Our agency can help your business, church or school maintain a strong anti-harassment environment.

Also, The Shropshire Agency has many tools that can help you regarding, but not limited to:

  • Reviewing your internal procedures
  • Supervisor training
  • Evaluation of employment practices liability coverage.

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