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According to an article in The Daily Mail, being distracted by heightened emotions can increase your chances of an auto accident by almost 10 times.  These emotions can be in the form of anger, sadness, agitation or openly crying. Previously,  these kinds of statistics were overlooked. READ MORE >>

Having a good safety program for you church does not have to be costly, however, failing to have one could cost Everything! Here are 5 Simple Tips that every church can take that will help protect their church but not affect the budget. READ MORE >>

Distracted Drivers- A Problem for Everyone! Recently, I witnessed and accident at an intersection where one pick-up t-boned another.  Luckily, no one was seriously injured, but the driver who ran the red light said that all he did was "look down at something" and when he looked up, the light was red and it was too late to stop. READ MORE >>

New Year, New Budget: 5 Ways to Improve Your Financial Health The beginning of a new year is often a time to reflect on your goals and measure the progress that you have made towards achieving them over the past year. Personally, I like to use New Year’s as a time to refocus my finances. READ MORE >>

A standard home or renter’s insurance policy typically includes coverage for your personal property. If the belongings in your home were burned to the ground, wiped away by a storm or damaged from another covered peril, your personal property limit would help replace those items. READ MORE >>

How To Winterize Before the First Freeze Don't get caught off guard with an unprepared home when winter hits. Use this simple checklist of 10 items to help better prepare your home for winter.   1. Door and Window Frames Examine weatherstripping around windows and door frames. READ MORE >>

Don't Say Goodbye Until You Read This Your child graduated from high school and you couldn’t be more proud, but now stars the summer of planning for your new grad’s first semester in college. You’ve planned orientation visits, packed up childhood rooms, and maybe even helped your child pick their courses. READ MORE >>

Before you know it, we will be experiencing those hot, humid days of summer, which often bring intense rain and thunderstorms. Even if you don't live in an area that typically gets regular summer storms, it only takes one big one to move through and do some damage to your home and property. READ MORE >>

Keep your car running until it's the age of a classic! New cars can be exciting yet costly. Don't force yourself into having to buy a new vehicle sooner than necessary. Follow these simple reminders to help ensure your vehicle will last you as long as possible! 1. READ MORE >>

When generating a personalized home insurance quote, we take into account several standard aspects of your home and deductibles to find a starting price point. However, we also look at a few other factors when determining your home insurance premium. 1. The Structure of Your Home READ MORE >>

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