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If you’re like many Americans, the spring and summer months are spent in your backyard entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. Here’s a quick checklist for you to run through to make sure that your space is safe this year: READ MORE >>

We Work For You. You are constantly bombarded with ads for big, well-known insurance companies. Chances are that you’re familiar with Progressive’s Flo and Geico’s gecko. So it makes sense that you might gravitate toward one of these companies. READ MORE >>

Attention all drivers, we are see this happen often - don't let yourself be the victim!  We’ve all been told how to handle the situation when involved in an auto accident: remain calm, pull over to a safe space if possible, exchange insurance and contact information with the driver, and contact your insurance company. READ MORE >>

Your business already has protection for its employees, visitors, and the structure. But what happens in the event of a catastrophic situation such as flood, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake? Here are some steps to help get started protecting your business from the devastating consequences of an unexpected storm. READ MORE >>

Churches, like other institutions, need insurance in the event of fire, theft, vandalism, or injury. Unfortunately all too often the cost of insurance may be so high that they are left paying insurance premiums instead of helping others. Here are some tips for lowering insurance costs: READ MORE >>

In Case of a Flood.....  Do You Have Enough Insurance? Flood Insurance is often overlooked, and some may not know that homeowners and renters insurance will not cover flood damages in the event of a disaster. If you are moving to a new home, in a new city or state, you’ll need to be sure you have the right amount of flood insurance. READ MORE >>

Life Events When You Should Review Your Insurance Coverage Insurance is a static product—but it shouldn’t necessarily be. Your insurance plan should be dynamic and should respond to the changes that you go through over the course of your life. READ MORE >>

BRIDES - it's wedding season and we're so thrilled for you!  MOTHER OF BRIDES - your little girls big day is coming and we want to make your "what if" thoughts disappear! We know that you have been planning your big day for as long as you can remember. READ MORE >>

As Spring makes its way into our cities, it’s important to take a moment to do a little spring cleaning on our home’s maintenance. This checklist will help you prepare for the heat of summer and make sure you are ready for the changing seasons.  Your Lawn READ MORE >>

There's a new gun law in Texas: as of January 1, 2016, licensed owners of firearms are able to carry guns in plain view, in most places. Are you aware of what all this new law entitles? Download a free 7 page document  on open and concealed carry laws. Click here to download or click on the picture below. READ MORE >>

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