How to Control your Workers Compensation Cost

How to Control your Workers Compensation Cost

January 20, 2021
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Workers compensation insurance has a higher “Controllability Factor” than other lines of coverage such as Property and Automobile insurance. 

“Controllability factor” means that a large portion your workers compensation premium is directly tied to your church’s loss experience. It presents itself on your insurance policy in the form of you NCCI Experience Modifier (mod) and the scheduled credits your insurance carrier applies to your account."


We have the Solution!


First, we analyze your current NCCI Experience Modifier and claim data. We will provide a report to you, please Click Here for an example of a Mod Analysis Report.  

  • Helps you understand what the NCCI Experience Modifier is, how your loss history affects the mod and how the mod impacts your bottom line

  • Identify and analyze problem areas

  • Develop targeted solutions to improve problem areas and reduce premium and claims costs

  • Make the mod part of your total risk management strategy

Second, we can provide you with additional workers compensation quotes.

  • We will utilize the information that we learn about your church to negotiate the most competitive premiums. 

  •  We have multiple carriers who, many times, offer dividends to their clients who have good claims history.

Shropshire Insurance is your strategic partner; our focus is on your success and protecting the profitability of your business. Contact us today to get started on evaluating your "controllability" factor.