How Would Your School Respond If...?

April 05, 2017
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This is a question we ask all of our private school clients. The answer to this question will determine if a school can survive a disaster regardless of the insurance coverage.

Insurance is a financial component to help protect a school. It is important that the insurance addresses the liability exposures of the school, the school’s property and the loss of income and extra expenses that could occur after the incident.

Be careful, many times we find schools missing significant coverages that could impact the school greatly.

Along with having good insurance coverage, it is just as important to have a detailed plan to help you react effectively to a disaster.

For example

You receive a call at 2:30 am that your school is engulfed in flames. By the time you arrive at the school it is obvious that there is significant damage and the school will be uninhabitable for some time. Do you have a plan?

  • Who notifies administrators and staff?
  • Who and how are student families notified?
  • Who has authority to make decisions?
  • Who speaks to the authorities and media?
  • Where are classes going to be held in the next few Days? Weeks? Months?
  • Where are you going to get temporary supplies and teaching materials?
  • Are lesson plans backed up online?
  • Has computer data been preserved?
  • Do we have an inventory of supplies to give to insurance carrier?

These are just a few questions that would need to be addressed but they are just the tip of the iceburg.

Fires and tornadoes are disasters that schools typically address; however, we generally find that the plans do not go deep enough with the goal being to maintain and even grow the current level of students, even if you not residing in the school building for up to 18 months.

Obvious and the Unthinkable

Disaster plans need to address the obvious and the unthinkable situations such as but not limited to a flood, utility outages or leaks, “active shooter situations,” automobile accidents, death of a student or administrator, threats made to the school, influenza and other communicable diseases, sexual misconduct allegation or any other criminal acts. This plan should also include a financial contingency plan for the situations such as loss of a significant donor or grant funding.

The Goal

The goal of a Disaster Plan is to keep your school in business and thriving after an unfortunate event.

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