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Sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood continue to drive the media headlines.  However, this is not a new phenomenon.  Sexual Harassment prevention is and should be a priority for any business, school or church.   READ MORE >>

  Unfortunately, we are continuing to see more and more high-profile cases of sexual harassment in today’s news.  Many of these cases are drawing attention due to the harassment taking place in the entertainment and media industries as well as politicians.   READ MORE >>

  Building It Back, But it Never Opens Our agency specializes in insuring Businesses, Churches and Private Schools, and we get to talk to many business owners, pastors, administrators and committees about their insurance program and when we review the Property part of the policy, most of... READ MORE >>

In a recent Public Service Announcement, the FBI discusses the potential threat to children's privacy and potential unwanted contact that could occur with the use of internet-connected toys. The article addresses how some of the toys have recording and video capabilities and this data could potentially end up in the wrong hands. READ MORE >>

It is hard to believe that the new school years is upon us.  As a parent, you are either jumping for joy or dreading every moment of it (I tend to be in the “dread” column). It is important the we all take a little time to review some safety tips to keep all our kiddos safe this year. READ MORE >>

Protecting Your Business Against Ransomware Attacks Recently, The FBI published an article to help all for and not-for-profit businesses protect themselves against Ransomware attacks. These attacks are occurring more frequently and they are no longer just directed towards the larger corporations. READ MORE >>

Our agency insures many businesses of all sizes.  When working with new clients, we are often surprised to find that many businesses are not fully educated about some very important coverage and risk management techniques that could be critical to their operation. READ MORE >>

This is a question we ask all of our private school clients.   The answer to this question will determine if a school can survive a disaster regardless of the insurance coverage.  Insurance is a financial component to help protect a school. READ MORE >>

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