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Emergency Resources
Our mission with this resource page is to help connect citizens with local services to fir their needs. This well organized grid will lead you to information centers across West Texas that are here to help. For major and immediate emergencies, please use the numbers in red below:

Immediate Emergency: 911
Suicide Prevention: 1-800-273-8255
Child and Adult Protective Services: 1-800-252-5400


A disaster is a serious and sudden disruption such as an accident or a natural catastrophe. If you have had great damage or losses, click "Read More" for great resources.

Disaster Resources

Children, teens and adults have personal struggles that are many times unknown until the unthinkable happens. Below are resources for you or loved ones struggling with suicide.

Suicide Resources
 Domestic Violence  

Emotional abuse and behaviors are used often in relationships and it's seen from the outside but not the inside. If you need a getaway shelter, please click link below. 

Domestic Violence Resources
 Child - Abused or Missing 

Do you have a small fear your child is not coming home tonight? Start a public search for child who is missing or possibly getting abused. 

Child Protective Services Resources
 Family Counseling 

Are you looking for a place to alleviate suffering and stress? Below are the top local resources that we have gathered for your convenience.  

Counseling Resources
 Personal Disaster Recovery 

How prepared is your home life for the local unwelcomed weather? Complete precautionary actions to ensure your family a little security after unknown disasters. 

Personal Recovery Plan Resources

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