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The growth of Private and Charters schools is at an all-time high. With increased enrollments and activities, Private and Charter Schools need the guidance and assistance of our Agency to help eliminate, reduce and insure against those perils and exposures that can jeopardize the financial standing of the institution. Our agency is equipped with the Experience, Tools, and Products to protect your school from a disaster.

Insurance Services

Insurance serves and important function of a school's risk management plan. The insurance program should be specifically designed for each school. Other than weather events or a fire, insurance best serves a school as a "last resort" function of the risk management process. Combining this mentality towards insurance along with our Proactive Risk Management services, we are able to provide an insurance program this is prudent and affordable to the school. Insurance can also serve as a financial vehicle to help fund the aspects of a Disaster Plan should one occur.

Special Coverage for Schools

Insurance programs for a school usually include the basic coverage such as Property, General Liability and Umbrella. Below is a list of other coverage that schools should also consider:

  • Educators Professional Liability Insurance
  • Loss of Earnings and Extra Expense
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Accident/Medical/Trip Insurance
  • Cyber Liability

Proactive Risk Management Services- IPPR

Identifying, Preventing, Preparing and Responding to a situation or disaster is the most crucial factor for a good risk management program. Insurance is only used "after" something happens, risk management procedures "prevent" and/or "reduce" the effects of a disaster "before" they happen. It is good risk management procedures that reduce direct costs such as insurance premiums and reduces the indirect costs such as but not limited to; students not returning, loss of donors and damage to the reputation of the school. It is highly likely that the indirect costs can far exceed the insurable costs when a disaster occurs.

Our agency will work hand and hand with you to go through the entire IPPR process. We will provide the TOOLS, RESOURCES, EXPERIENCE, and CREATIVITY that will help your school maintain a safe and growing environment.

What if my School is part of a Church?

No problem, we insure churches that have privates schools. Check out our Church Insurance page. We can write both the church and the school together.


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Home and Auto Insurance

We write Homeowners and Auto insurance for customers all over the State of Texas. One of our carriers gives an additional 5% credit to any of the employees who work at a School that we insure.

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